Alexandra Road
January 13, 2022 - RECENT PROJECTS

This two stage design and construction project comprises the demolition of the existing building, No.26 Alexandra Road Gorseinon, to be replaced by a new purpose designed building, specifically to meet the needs of Swansea Young Single Homeless People (SYSHP), young people and the local community. It provides a safe, positive environment where SYSHP are provided with the support and guidance young people need to develop.

The design was conceived with Secure By Design principles in mind, and introduces better levels of natural surveillance and a more inviting and safe public realm. SYSHP have been active members of the Design Team from inception. Their knowledge and experience with the intended clientele has helped immensely in determining both the specific design and security considerations.

The development includes the following:

  • Eight self-contained flats with en-suite bathrooms and cooking areas
  • Managers self-contained flat with en-suite bathroom and cooking area
  • Shared kitchen and dining area
  • Shared living area
  • Communal Gardens + Landscaped Courtyards
  • Project Workshop
  • Multipurpose Learning Zone
  • Office
  • Utilities

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